Important Preschool Security Features

When choosing a preschool for your child, you want safety and security to be the top priority. At KLA Schools, we pride ourselves on providing a safe and nurturing environment for children's enjoyment and parent peace of mind.

Here are some safety and security features you might want to look for when choosing your child’s preschool:

  • All doors entering and exiting the building are controlled by electronic locks.
  • Access is given only to authorized people. For example, parents are issued a unique PIN to enter the building.
  • Protective fencing is used around the grounds.
  • Educators are trained in pediatric first aid and CPR and are ready to respond to emergencies.
  • Educators are trained in medication and EpiPen administration.
  • The school follows the infectious disease protocol set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • The facility is clean and maintained both inside and out. Ensure that there are no major risks for injury such as tripping, slipping, or shocks.
  • The preschool grounds and building are monitored by security cameras.
  • All smoke and fire alarms are working and regularly tested.

Don’t feel hesitant to ask a prospective preschool about its security protocols. For example, you can ask how the school deals with unauthorized visitors, what their policy is on fire safety, how staff are trained, and how they deal with medical emergencies.

At KLA Schools, we keep our school safe and secure by intentional design. Finding a school that meets your security standards is a top priority for you and your family, and it’s important to look for certain key safety features.