Productivity Tips for Work-From-Home Parents

Whether it’s full time or occasionally, many parents are able to balance their careers and personal responsibilities by working from home. If you are one of these parents, you may have struggled with maintaining your productivity while working from your home office. Here are some productivity tips for parents who work from home.

Create a designated area for work

Many people who work from home find a dedicated work space very important. Whether it’s a separate home office or a small desk in the living room, a designated work area can help you stay organized and focused on your work.

Stick to a schedule

When you work from home with kids, a schedule may seem impossible. However, it’s an important way to stay productive. You can create a detailed schedule outlining all the projects you will work on and when, or your schedule can be more general. In either case, a schedule can help you balance work responsibilities and family duties during the day.

Work in blocks of time

Scheduling your day in 30 or 60-minute blocks of time can help you to reduce distractions when working from home. For example, you may want to schedule one hour for finishing a project, and then spend the following half hour returning phone calls or putting together a puzzle with your toddler.

Make time for your kids during the day

Knowing that they will get to spend time with you at some point can help your children learn to respect the times when you have to work. When creating your schedule, be sure to add in time for activities such as quick trips to the park, or eating lunch together. Not only are these breaks good for your own productivity overall, but your children will have their own daily routine as well.

Consider preschool or a babysitter

Though many parents choose to work from home in order to remain closer to their children, preschool can help you stay focused and productive. Many parents also hire a babysitter for a few days a week when they have important deadlines or meetings they need to focus on.

Give your children their own tasks to work on

Many parents working from home like to give their children their own special projects to work on during the day. For example, you can give your preschooler play dough or stickers to play with while you’re working. Older children can feel included by helping you do things such as sorting paperwork or putting stamps on envelopes. Setting up a workspace of their own near you can also help them to feel included.

Working from home as a parent can seem difficult, but staying productive is possible. With these tips, your working day can become more manageable.