The Importance of Going Back to School for Children

Going back to school is always a big event for children and parents alike, and going back to school during a pandemic can feel like an even bigger event. If you’ve determined that it’s safe for your child to go back to school this fall, here are some reasons why it’s important for children.

Play is essential for learning in early childhood

It’s no secret that children learn through play, and playing with their peers also lends a social element to a child’s education. According to Kansas State University child development specialist Bradford Wiles, children “need to be able to play and interact. It makes a huge difference in their development.”

School provides a valuable routine

Children thrive on routine. Being able to predict what will happen throughout the day gives them increased independence and confidence, greater self-control, and helps them to reduce their stress. Even though in-person schooling during the pandemic may seem different than before, it still provides your child with a valuable routine.

School gives children additional resources

For many parents, taking care of children while working from home has added a lot of extra tasks. When children return to school, not only does it take some pressure off parents, but they also get access to healthy meals and extra programs such as music, sports, and art. Your child’s teacher is your parenting partner, and is there to support you and your child.