Tips for Choosing a Good Summer Camp

At summer camp, your child can have fun and learn new things in a supportive and secure environment. Here are some tips for choosing a good summer camp for your child.

Ensure the camp meets safety and educational standards

At the very least, a good summer camp should be clean and safe, with well-trained staff members. You can ask questions such as: how staff are screened and educated, if they’re trained in first aid, how children are kept safe, and how they deal with emergencies.

It’s a good idea to check that all structures and toys are clean, safe, and in good condition. Summer camps don’t need to be accredited, but it’s important that they follow all necessary state regulations.

Review the activities offered

What is your child already interested in? What do you want them to experience? The answers to these questions will inform the activities you should look for. Some summer camps focus on outdoor activities while others incorporate indoor music, sports, arts, or dance. At KLA Schools Summer Camp, children explore a range of engaging activities like sports, STEAM projects, learning about animals, and nature.

Does the summer camp align with what your family wants?

Look for a summer camp that’s in line with your family’s educational values and goals. Ask about the camp’s values and philosophy, what happens in a typical day, how closely teachers work with children, if children explore their own interests, and other things that will help you better decide if they’re a fit for you.

In addition, look for a summer camp that fits your family’s schedule, whether it’s a day camp or overnight camp. Think about factors like upcoming family vacation and drop-off and pick-up times.

Ask about the camp’s policies

In addition to questions about staff training, ask the summer camp director about topics like:

  • Discipline
  • Meals and allergies
  • Medical supervision
  • Conflict resolution
  • Extra fees or costs
  • Items to bring
  • Clothing
  • Inclement weather or closure policies
  • Emergency protocols
  • Security policies

Summer camp is full of enriching experiences and activities for your child. At KLA Schools Summer Camp, your child will enjoy these activities in a fun, non-competitive, and safe environment.