Travel Tips for Preschoolers

Traveling with a preschooler involves certain considerations and a fair amount of planning, but it’s certainly possible. Here are 10 travel tips for preschoolers to help make your summer vacations run smoother.

  1. Set expectations. Many families find it easier to travel with a preschooler if they relax certain rules, such as screen time limits. However, it’s important to set travel expectations with your preschooler. Coach them on certain travel aspects they may be unfamiliar with, and let them know how to properly behave while traveling.
  2. Talk about your destination. Setting expectations for the destination is an ideal way to help your preschooler understand what they have to look forward to after their plane, train, or car trip. Take advantage of your journey to talk about what to expect when you arrive, and answer any questions they have.
  3. Bring snacks. No matter how you’re healthy and delicious snacks can go a long way in keeping your child’s spirits up on a trip and avoiding meltdowns.
  4. Create travel kits. Whether you’re traveling by car, train, or airplane, you may want to bring portable activity kits that won’t take up much room or make a mess. Your preschooler will enjoy the novelty, and they can build certain skills while having fun.
  5. Bring lots of books or audiobooks. When driving for long distances, a child-friendly audiobook can be a great way to keep your preschooler entertained and engaged. If your child can read in a moving vehicle, print books are another kid-favorite way to pass the time.
  6. Choose appropriate clothing. Dress your preschooler in comfortable, easy to clean clothes. Soft, easy layers are ideal, especially as travel often involves varying temperatures.
  7. Bring extra clothing. Accidents happen to everyone! Pack a change of clothes for your preschooler in an easily-accessible bag, as well as some spare underwear.
  8. Print boarding passes before you leave. If you’re traveling by plane or train, printing out your boarding pass before you leave will reduce the time you have to wait in line. Even better – opt to have your boarding passes emailed to you so you don’t have to keep track of printouts.
  9. Board early. Most flights allow families with children to board before everyone else. This is an ideal time to get everyone settled in and comfortable without being rushed or cramped.
  10. Take breaks to walk around. Even the most well-prepared child will experience a need to move around while traveling. As often as possible, take breaks to allow your children to move around freely. You can drive to a playground and let your preschooler run around, or walk with your child up and down the aisle of the plane or train.

When traveling with a preschooler, plan ahead as much as possible and do your best. These 10 travel tips for preschoolers can help your family’s summer vacation run smoother.