Using Natural Materials in Arts and Crafts

Children love to create and make things with their hands. Not only does this help them express themselves, but it’s a unique opportunity to help them learn about the world around them as well.

Here are some reasons to support your child in using natural materials in arts and crafts.

Natural arts and crafts materials are cost-effective

Many of us try to reduce the amount of toys and other materials we buy, or want to be more mindful of it. Natural materials have the benefit of being completely free, which is a major incentive for many.

Natural arts and crafts materials encourage creativity

Being able to walk outside and encourage your child to gather natural materials that interest them is a wonderful way to support their natural creativity. When they can be spontaneous, their own interests and curiosity will drive their art. Your child will also love the abundance of natural materials for crafting, as opposed to store-bought items.

Natural arts and crafts materials help your child learn about nature

When collecting natural materials for arts and crafts, your child has a unique experience to learn more about the natural world around them. Whether it’s a family nature walk or simply playing in the yard, you can support your child’s learning by helping them to identify each material, and discuss its features and its role in nature.

Natural arts and crafts materials support deeper learning

From collecting the materials to creating something with them, using natural materials in arts and crafts supports children in formulating their own ideas and drawing their own conclusions. They will be able to make their own investigations about the material’s texture, size, and weight, and how they can use it in their creation. They will also be able to have a fuller sensory experience when making arts and crafts and think outside the box.

For a quick and easy arts and crafts project using natural materials, have your child to collect some fallen leaves, and then encourage them to make a leaf print by placing it underneath a sheet of parchment paper and rubbing it with a crayon or colored pencil.