Creating a Dedicated Learning Space at Home

The Reggio Emilia Philosophy followed at KLA Schools believes that the environment in which a child explores is the third teacher, and can lead to better educational outcomes for children. Here are some ways you can create a dedicated learning space at home to help further your child’s education.

  • No matter how much space you have at home, try to create a comfortable and engaging area where your child can easily access art materials, or read and write without distraction.
  • Try to create a space that is both thoughtful and inviting. This will help your child form a positive connection with learning, whether they’re working on a craft project or doing their homework.
  • Consider a variety of spaces for certain tasks. For example, your child may like a dedicated reading space that’s separate from their desk. These spaces don’t need to be rooms – you may be surprised at what’s possible.
  • Have learning materials easily accessible. In addition to creating an engaging learning space, ensure that your child has access to learning materials throughout the home.
  • Reggio Emilia believes that natural materials and recycled items are as ideal for learning as traditional toys and games. Try to incorporate these items into your child’s learning space wherever possible.
  • Get your child involved in the process. Because they’ll be the one using the learning space, it’s important that they feel a sense of ownership in creating it. You can bring them along when choosing the desk, for example, or encourage them to personalize it how they’d like.
  • Consider your child’s comfort and ergonomic needs when choosing items such as their desk and chair. Not only will this help keep them from developing pains and poor posture, but it’ll help them relax into their learning.
  • Respect your child’s need for space and quiet while learning. While there are many activities where your involvement is necessary, there are other times where your child will need a distraction-free environment as much as possible.

Your child’s preschool teacher is an ideal resource to help you bring a dedicated Reggio Emilia learning space into your home. A fundamental process of a Reggio Emilia education is documentation, and your child’s teacher will have a wealth of information about your child’s interests, observations, and ideas. They can work with you in supporting your child’s learning at home.