Spring-Themed Arts and Crafts

The warmer weather and new life of spring are ideal ways to encourage your child’s creativity with arts and crafts. Here are some easy and kid-friendly spring-themed arts and crafts you can create together.

Painted flower or plant pots

All you’ll need for this project are clay pots, acrylic paints, and some brushes. Ensure the pots are clean and dry, and let your child decorate them with their favorite images of spring. These pots will make a perfect springtime addition to your garden.

Tissue paper mosaic flowers

Young children will have fun creating these colorful flowers with you. Draw flower shapes on construction paper and cut them out. Help your child cut or tear pieces of colorful tissue paper, and glue them onto the flower.

Rain painting

Children love expressing their creativity with painting, so why not use a typical springtime rainy day to add another dimension to their art? Using rain to transform materials such as food coloring, markers, and watercolor cakes will not only spark your child’s imagination, but they’ll have fun forming theories about how the changes take place.

Find some rain painting ideas here.

Outdoor Bug Hotel

From bees to butterflies to other insects, spring is an ideal time for children to learn more about the natural world. Using just some plastic bottles and outdoor materials such as twigs, leaves, and bark, you can create mini-habitats for insects. After the “bug hotel” is created, help your child observe the insects that they see, and ask questions together about what they do and why.

Learn how to make a Bug Hotel here.

These four spring-themed arts and crafts projects are an ideal way for you and your child to celebrate the season together.