The way we communicate with others

The way we choose to communicate with others can determine the response we get from the other person.

The way in which we transmit messages to our children will have an extremely significant impact on our relationship with them and their behavior. Depending on the way in which we communicate, we allow the other to know what is the image we have about them, about the situation we are experiencing and about how we feel about a certain situation.

The messages that we transmit, have much more power than we imagine, for this reason it is so important that us as adults are aware of this when addressing any situations with children. Words could be soothing for the soul or they can do a lot of emotional damage.

When communicating with children, it is essential that we take into account our body language, the tone of voice that we are using and if the message that we are sending is positive and respectful.

Let’s be fully present when having a conversation with our children, let’s give them everything from us, let’s be a role model, let’s listen carefully and pay attention to what the children have to say, let’s speak with our hearts, let's connect with them with our mind and soul. I assure you that the results will always be wonderful.

Raquel Roa

Assistant Director of Professional Development

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