Activities Your Child Can Do at KLA Schools Summer Camp

KLA Schools Summer Camp is a fun, supportive, and secure place for your child to have fun and learn new things. When your child is attending KLA Schools Summer Camp, they will spend time outdoors, and learn several skills such as teamwork, tolerance, self-esteem, and resiliency.

Here are some of the activities your child can do at summer camp.

  • Spanish Immersion. KLA Schools Summer Camp offers Spanish language immersion programs. Your child will be able to develop their Spanish skills naturally, and in an enjoyable way.
  • KLA Schools Summer Camp offers music as one of its many activities, encouraging children to move, dance, sing, and express themselves.
  • At KLA Schools Summer Camp, your child can put on theater performances for their friends. This will help to teach them teamwork and confidence, and it naturally appeals to a child’s love of make-believe.
  • Sports and movement. Whether it’s hiking, swimming, organized sports, or fun activities such as tag, and climbing, your child will enjoy a range of physical activity to develop their gross and fine motor skills.
  • Outdoor exploration. There is nothing more natural in KLA Schools Summer Camp than spending time outdoors. Your child will enjoy the great outdoors while learning more about nature.
  • Children of all ages can learn cooking skills. Whether it’s mixing ingredients or creating entire meals from scratch, KLA Schools Summer Camp provides an ideal opportunity for your child to learn about food.
  • Sensory exploration. Summer camps provide a unique opportunity for sensory exploration. Your child may already use a sensory table at home or at preschool or daycare, but the abundant natural materials at KLA Schools Summer Camp will help your child use their senses to gather information and ask questions about the world around them.
  • Field trips and sightseeing. Whether it’s visiting a farmer’s market or local museum, your child will have a variety of opportunities to get involved in their community and explore. Special themed events and trips can also give your child a chance to expand their horizons while experiencing a new location.

There are many enriching experiences and activities available to your child. At KLA Schools Summer Camp, your child will enjoy these activities in a fun, non-competitive, and safe environment.