Autumn Crafts for Children

Spend some quality time with your child and encourage their creativity with these four fun and engaging fall crafts for children.

Pumpkin apple stamps

An apple cut in half resembles a pumpkin shape, making this a fall craft that’s fun for the Halloween season, and affordable and easy. Cut an apple in half and pat it dry thoroughly. Then, put some orange paint on a piece of thick paper and have your child dip the apple half cut-side down into the paint, and stamp it onto another paper. You can create a green stem using paint, crayon, or a pipe cleaner. Once the pumpkin apple stamp is dry, your child can decorate their creation further.

Autumn leaf prints

This is another craft requires little more than fall-colored paints and natural materials. Have your child collect a variety of their favorite autumn leaves. Then, at home, squirt some paint onto a thick piece of paper and give your child a foam brush or piece of sponge so they can paint directly onto their leaf. Help them to press the leaf, paint-side down, onto a piece of paper, and peel it off gently.

Fall-themed yarn wrapping

This craft uses simple items, and is an ideal way to help your child develop their fine motor skills. All you’ll need is some thin cardboard such as an empty cereal box, yarn in fall colors, and scotch tape. On the cardboard, trace and cut out some classic autumn shapes such as pumpkins, leaves, and apples. Depending on your child’s age, they can help with this part or do it on their own. Cut a length of yarn and secure one end to the cut-out shape. Then, have your child wind the piece of yarn around and around the shape until it’s covered.

Leaf rubbing

Creating a leaf rubbing not only helps your child engage with nature and their own creativity, but it can help them to learn more about the different parts of a leaf as well. You’ll need a variety of leaves, crayons or colored pencils, and tracing, parchment, or wax paper. Find out how to make leaf rubbings here.