Creating Family Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions are a wonderful way for families to build memories. Even if there are things you’ve done every year, there are always more fun new ideas. Here are some tips for creating family holiday traditions.

Discuss holiday traditions as a family

Brainstorming new holiday traditions together can help ensure that the entire family will find the tradition meaningful. Hold a positive, open discussion with your family and discuss each idea equally.

Try thinking outside the box

When it comes to the holidays, there are certain key elements that many people like to incorporate. However, that doesn’t have to keep your family from trying out holiday traditions that might seem out of place at first. For example, winter holiday celebrations in colder places often involve things such as building snowmen, baking seasonal treats, or making ornaments. But if your family likes the idea of pizza night on Christmas Eve, why not try it out? It might end up being a lasting family holiday tradition that everyone will look back on fondly.

Ask your child’s preschool teachers for holiday ideas

At KLA Schools, we love hearing celebrating different holiday traditions and sharing them with each other. Your child’s preschool teacher is not only part of your community, but also has experience celebrating many different holidays with their class. They might have an idea for a holiday celebration that’s already been enjoyed by your child and their friends, for example.

Consider cutting out some existing holiday traditions

Sometimes, holiday traditions we were raised with are less enjoyable than others. Other times, only one member of a family really enjoys a particular tradition. Compromise is a part of family life, but agreeing to cut out some existing holiday traditions can make room in our busy schedules for things everyone is excited for. Honestly assess those traditions that not everyone loves to see if they can be changed or given up altogether.