Fall Outdoor Activities for Families

Cooler fall weather often makes us think of bundling up and staying indoors. While a cozy fall day at home can be fun, there are many ways your family can still enjoy the great outdoors. Try one of these fall outdoor activities for families.
  • Go on a nature walk. Fall is a season of many changes in nature, and it’s an ideal time to help your child appreciate these changes. Together, go out and collect fallen leaves, spot migratory birds, watch squirrels preparing for winter, or notice any changes in leaves, plants, and flowers.
  • Visit a farm or orchard. Your local farm is a great place for your child to learn more about the seasonality of food. Many farms also offer family-friendly activities such as hayrides and petting zoos.
  • Pick apples or choose pumpkins. Picking your own apples from the orchard or selecting the best pumpkin to bring home are two classic fall activities that the whole family can enjoy.
  • Go to a farmer’s market. A farmer’s market is an ideal resource to help your child learn about the different food in season at this time of year. Help your child choose in-season ingredients and plan a fall family meal.
  • Have a picnic or barbecue. Many of us associate picnics and barbecues with high summer, but the cooler, mosquito-free days of fall are great for eating outdoors. You can make things more cozy by bundling up with sweaters, and bringing extra blankets along.
  • Find your way through a corn maze. Many farms or local fall festivals feature a maze through a corn field, and this can be a fun family activity. You can work together to find your way out, or break off into teams. Some corn mazes feature themes or scavenger hunts, as well.
  • Take a family bike ride. Whether or not the leaves are changing where you live, a fall family bike ride is an ideal activity to celebrate the season. Not only can you appreciate the changing nature around you, but the cooler weather might make it more enjoyable for younger children as well.
  • Play with leaves. Jumping into a pile of leaves is a classic fall activity that children love, but there are other ways that families can enjoy the autumn leaves. For example, try raking the leaves in your yard into a maze pattern for you and your children.
With these fun fall outdoor activities, the whole family can enjoy the cooler autumn days.