Getting Involved With Your Child's Preschool

According to research, parents who get involved in their child’s preschool end up helping their child both academically and socially. Stable, quality relationships during the early years are critical to a child’s development later in life.

Getting involved with preschool will allow you and your child’s teachers to collaborate in your child’s education. They’ll offer support and strategies tailored to your child that you can use at home to enhance your child’s learning.

When educational goals and strategies are consistent both at home and at preschool, your child will feel more secure, and can learn about their world more confidently.

How to get more involved in your child’s preschool

All good preschools will offer ways parents can get involved, including:

  • Regular newsletters
  • Events, assemblies, and celebrations
  • Parent committees
  • Field trips
  • An open visit policy for parents
  • Regular nights for parents to socialize with each other
  • Focus or discussion groups between parents and the preschool
  • New parent information nights
  • Participating community service opportunities led by the school

You chose your child’s preschool because of the care and expertise of its people, and getting involved with the school is a great way to strengthen the network of care that your child receives.