How Involved Should Parents Be in Daycare?

You want to make the most out of your child’s preschool or daycare experience, and sometimes you might wonder if you can, or should, get involved yourself.

The good news is: you can get involved in your child’s daycare or preschool. In fact, research shows that parents who get involved in daycare end up helping their child both academically and socially.

The benefits of getting involved in daycare or preschool

The greater the role you take in your child’s education at any stage, the greater the benefits are to your child. As a parent, you are your child’s first teacher. Stable, quality relationships during a child’s early years are fundamental for developmental outcomes later in life.

Building on this foundation, your daycare will collaborate with you in your child’s education, offering support and strategies that you can continue to use at home. In observing the interactions between you and their daycare, children will learn critical life skills such as compromise, reasoning, respect for others’ opinions, and a sense of community. When educational goals and strategies are consistent both at home and at daycare, your child will feel more secure, and can learn about their world more confidently.

You chose your child’s daycare or preschool because you trusted the education of the caregivers/teachers, and their ability to encourage independent learning and investigation. Their expertise in early childhood development can be a great resource for you as a parent, at any stage. Ongoing communication between you and the daycare can help you ensure your child is developing and thriving.

How to get involved in your child’s daycare

All good childcare centers will keep you informed of your child’s progress on a regular basis, and will offer opportunities for parents to get involved. These opportunities can include:

  • An open visit policy for you to drop in and say hi
  • Parent committees
  • Regular nights for parents to socialize with each other
  • Field trips
  • Focus or discussion groups between parents and the daycare
  • New parent information nights
  • Regular newsletters from the daycare
  • Daycare events, assemblies, and celebrations
  • Participating in daycare-led volunteer and community service opportunities

A good childcare center should encourage parental involvement and collaboration. Together, you and your child’s daycare or preschool work in partnership for the successful development and education of your child. Your child’s support network will strengthen, and they will feel valued knowing that you are taking an active interest in their life.