Winter-Themed Crafts for Preschoolers

Winter is an ideal time to cozy up at home as a family and create together. Try these winter-themed craft ideas with your preschooler.

Paper snowflakes

Creating paper snowflakes is a classic winter-themed craft. They’re easy to create, and many families have the necessary materials on hand already. If your child isn’t confident using safety scissors, you can be in charge of cutting and they can decorate the paper.

Find ideas for paper snowflakes here.

Winter bird feeder

While many birds migrate south for the winter, some stick around. You and your child can help winter birds stay happy and healthy with a winter bird feeder. The National Audubon Society offers this winter pinecone bird feeder craft idea that's ideal for you to make with your preschooler. You can use the scissors while your child helps with covering the pinecone in birdseed.

Handprint penguins

Using some black and orange construction paper, white felt, and self-adhesive googly eyes, you and your preschooler can work together to create handprint penguins. Place the penguins on a colorful piece of paper and have fun decorating them with seasonal stickers.

Winter collages

Support your child’s love of animals and nature while encouraging their creativity with collages. By using materials such as torn-up pieces of construction paper, colorful tissue paper, and cotton balls, your child can create winter-themed art. Some ideas include polar bears, pine trees, and snowy owls. You may need to help your child by cutting paper, and ensure that kid-friendly art supplies like glue and paint are on hand.