Preschool reimagined.

Reward your child’s curiosity and enthusiasm, making them life-long students hungry to understand, excited to learn, curious to explore, and free to question. We are an innovative community of infant, preschool, Pre-K, and kindergarten preschools based on the Reggio Emilia Approach to education. Our educators will instill confidence and a thirst for learning in your child, helping them to thrive and succeed in a rapidly changing world.

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Empowering children. Endless opportunities.

Give your child endless opportunities to flourish, and empower them to positively change the world. Why is the Reggio Emilia Approach so amazing? Watch this quick video to learn more about the inspiration behind our innovative approach to early childhood education.

Our Philosophy

A dynamic preschool education inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach

Active learning

Children blossom and grow when they experience positive, caring relationships with their teachers. The Reggio Emilia Approach encourages and supports student achievement in all developmental areas.

Unique by design

Children learn as much from their environment as they do from the caring adults in their lives. Our distinctive classrooms and shared spaces are designed with safety in mind and matched to various stages of your child’s development and growth.

Innovative & Evolving

When children connect experiences outside of school to their experiences in the classroom, they become confident learners. Our Reggio Emilia-inspired approach will enhance your child's learning and boost their confidence.

Parent Testimonials

  • KLA has exceeded my expectations in every way. Jacob is growing and learning so much, and he is a confident, happy little boy. This is due to the environment at KLA and his teachers and the staff.

    Rachel - Walnut Creek, CA

  • I highly recommend KLA Schools. The facility is always clean, the food is excellent, the supplies they provide the children are first class, and the staff is caring and lots of fun. Thank you KLA, my son will never forget his experience here!

    Julia - Plainfield, IL


Our Programs

Infants - School-Age

Our programs will help your child apply learning experiences to their daily life. This provides a flexible, differentiated education that provokes inquiry, active learning, collaborative work, and problem-solving skills.

*Programs may vary by KLA Schools preschool location

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