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KLA Schools of Doral faculty come from diverse backgrounds and experiences and all benefit from extensive professional development opportunities. One thing we all have in common? A passion for inspiring curiosity and a lifelong love of learning in the children of our community.

Marina Lavagetto Pedagogical Coordinator

Marina Lavagetto

Pedagogical Coordinator

Marina Lavagetto is our Pedagogical Coordinator with 18 years of experience in the early childhood education field working as a teacher and coordinator in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has an Associate Degree in early childhood education and a diploma in Inclusive Education for Children with Special Needs that supports her role in coordinating and supporting the teaching and learning processes.

Dani Amador Teacher

Daniela Amador


Daniela Amador has been with the KLA family since 2019. She is graduate of the University of Richmond with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Political Science. Her previous experience working with a tutoring agency and involvement with volunteer organizations supports the student-driven and relationship-focused approach of the Reggio Emilia philosophy.

Ana Cristina Atelierista

Ana Cristina Sanchez


My name is Ana Cristina Sanchez and I am originally from Venezuela. My most important job is being mom of a 7-year-old boy named Ignacio who has taught me about being a respectful and loving human being and teacher. I have been working with children for 15 years, and this is my sixth year working in KLA Doral. This is my first year as Atelierista and I am looking forward to build connections and bonds with the children.

Shelby Cano Teacher

Shelby Cano


Shelby Cano has been teaching for 6 years and has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Florida International University. Her experience in both early childhood and elementary classrooms supports her students in reaching their full potential.

Gloria Jimenez Teacher

Gloria Jimenez


Gloria Jimenez has been in the early childhood field since 1988 and joined the KLA family in 2012. She attended Miami-Dade College and has an FCCPC accreditation. Her enthusiasm for teaching and implementing the Reggio Emilia philosophy drives her to make meaningful connections with her children and families.

Laura Ureta Teacher

Laura Ureta


Laura Ureta is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and has been with KLA Doral for 9 years. She has a Florida Child Care Professional Credential and a certificate as an RBT Registered Behavior Technician. Her expertise in the Reggio Emilia philosophy gave her the opportunity to visit the City of Reggio Emilia, Italy in November 2019 to explore, learn and experience its origins.

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