KLA Schools of Naperville and Plainfield Celebrate the Success of their Fine Arts Festival

July 21st, 2023, NAPERVILLE & PLAINFIELD, IL — KLA Schools of Naperville and Plainfield are thrilled to announce the successful completion of their annual Fine Arts Festival. This unique event brought together students, parents, and community members in a showcase of local talent and creativity. The enthusiastic turnout and positive response to the festival underline the integral role of creative arts in early childhood education, a cornerstone of the KLA Schools curriculum.

The festival showcased a wide range of student work, impressing visitors with the depth of talent within KLA Schools. "This is amazing; you have many very talented artists," praised William Dean's grandfather, one of the attendees. Echoing the sentiment, Michelle Jones said, "This is so great! We were looking forward to it all week."

A Silent Auction ran throughout the festival, featuring various art creations made by each classroom. The parents of KLA Schools had a generous and overwhelming response to the auction, with total funds raised amounting to $780. The proceeds were donated to KidsMatter, a local Naperville Organization that works to help young people build developmental assets, including positive values, healthy relationships, and self-esteem. All donations go directly to mental health forums and programming for the youth in our communities. The organization's commitment to building resilient young people aligns with the values of KLA Schools.

The contributions from the three schools are as follows: Plainfield raised $205, Naperville contributed $265, and Naperville West generated $310. This collective effort is a testament to the spirit of community and generosity that KLA Schools promotes.

KLA Schools of Naperville and Plainfield extend their gratitude to all participants, contributors, and attendees who helped make the festival a resounding success. They look forward to fostering more such opportunities for artistic exploration, community bonding, and meaningful engagement in the future.

About KLA Schools

KLA Schools are based on the Reggio Emilia-inspired pedagogy approach, promoting innovative and engaging educational experiences. With a vision to provide the best preschool experience, the students explore the world around them at their own pace, with the guidance and direction of highly skilled, trained, and compassionate teachers. These schools understand early learning's vitality and continue to strive to remain a leader in early education. Helping children build a robust foundation for their future school years, KLA Schools provides a comfortable, safe, and exciting learning environment where children are eager to return day after day.