We believe education begins at birth.

Our programs give children the opportunity to apply learning experiences to their daily lives and provide a flexible, differentiated education that provokes inquiry, active learning, collaborative work, and problem-solving skills. Based on our extensive research and practice, KLA Schools offers a holistic educational environment in which children can learn and grow to their fullest potential.

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CA 3062

Baby Nido (6wks - 15mos)

Baby Nido (Italian for “nest”) is our infant program. Babies learn with all their senses and our educators expose them to multiple sensorial experiences to encourage their growth and development.

CA 1693

Nido (15 - 24 mos)

Educators in our Nido program for toddlers recognize your child’s interests and create experiences to provoke them into curiosity and learning.

Preschool girl boy playing in nature outside

Class of the 2s

Through various sensorial, fine, and gross motor experiences, our educators encourage your older toddler to become more self-sufficient.

CA 1648

Class of the 3s

Teachers in the Class of the 3s prepare environments that support interaction between the children and promote verbal skills.

Preschool teacher girls paper art

Class of the 4s

Preschoolers are independent and eager to try new things. Our Class of the 4s provides endless opportunities to learn new skills and prepare for kindergarten.

Preschool girl drawing

Kindergarten Enrichment

Our teachers support students’ interest in their own learning and integrate your child’s ideas into academic lessons and activities.

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When school is out, KLA Schools in Naperville and Plainfield are in! We provide enriching and collaborative before & after school care and summer camp programs for children ages 6-12.

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