Summer Camp 2024


Join us this summer!

Calling all explorers! This summer camp's theme will be Urban Explorers. Children will explore construction wonders, diverse homes, and the secrets of nature's architects. It's a summer of discovery and fun!

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Preschool girl boy playing in nature outside

Summer Camp 2024 Sessions

Enroll your kid(s) in as many sessions as you'd like:

Session I: Jun 11 - Jun 21
Home Sweet Home: Exploring diverse homes in your context

Session II: Jun 24 - Jul 05
Building Wonders: Unveiling the secrets of construction sites

Session III: Jul 08 - Jul 19
Parks and Playgrounds Adventure: Discovering play areas from your surroundings

Session IV: Jul 22 - Aug 02
Nature's Architectures: Learning from the building skills of animals

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Come learn and have fun!

Sensory exploration, music, movement, painting, sculpting, story time, lights and shadows, splash day, outdoor games and much more!

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