Karen Keswick Executive Director

Karen Keswick

Executive Director

My name is Karen Keswick, and I joined the KLA Schools of Sweetwater staff as Executive Director in September 2022. I have over 30 years of experience working in Education with 19 of those years in Early Childhood Education Administration. I am graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and earned my Master’s Degree in Developmental and Adult Education from Southwest Texas State University. I have a particular fondness for Early Childhood Education as young children are so full of wonder and excitement to learn about their world. So many everyday activities easily become learning opportunities for preschoolers. While preschools first and foremost must provide a safe, quality learning environment, I strongly believe that preschool should be fun. A child’s day should be full of opportunities to play, sing, dance, create, explore, and make friends. I am pleased to be a part of the KLA family and to share my knowledge and experience as an educator and parent. I look forward to getting to know all our families at KLA Schools of Sweetwater.


Kat Landtroop

Admissions & Finance Director

My name is Kat Landtroop, and I am the Admissions Director here at KLA! I am excited to welcome you and your child(ren) to your unique and educational journey! As the Admissions Director, I love that I get to be the first to meet all of our new families and help every child feel welcomed, connected and a part of our KLA community. Before my career in education, I spent a little over 17 years in restaurants and hotels, mostly in the management side of the business. Once I put my (now 10-year-old) son in preschool, I fell in love with the environment and changed careers instantly. I found and joined KLA Schools in June of 2022 and have happily been a part of the amazing admin team ever since. The culture that we have built is unparalleled to any of which I have experienced. The love, passion, and commitment of the staff makes me so proud to be a part of the KLA family!