Celebrate STEM Innovation with Annual Fair

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KLA Schools of Naperville, Naperville West, and Plainfield Celebrate STEM Innovation with Annual Fair

Naperville, IL – KLA Schools of Naperville, Naperville West, and Plainfield are thrilled to announce the resounding success of their annual STEM Fair, held across all three locations on Thursday, February 22nd. This year's fair was a culmination of a month-long focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) experiences, designed to inspire young minds to explore and engage with the world of science and innovation.

Throughout February, students at KLA Schools participated in a variety of STEM-related activities leading up to the fair. The activities were carefully designed and led by our dedicated team of Pedagogical Coordinators, who conducted weekly science fair projects to ignite students' curiosity and build anticipation for the main event. These activities were carefully designed to be both educational and entertaining, ensuring that the children could see the fun side of science and technology.

The STEM Fair itself was a showcase of ingenuity and learning, with 24 students completing projects to display. These engaging projects included fascinating experiments such as Acid-Base Reactions, the Rainbow Vegetable Experiment, exploring How Digestion Works, and the creation of Rocket Fuel Foam. These young scientists presented their findings and experiments to an audience of supportive families, peers, and educators, demonstrating their hard-earned knowledge and creativity. The fair not only served as a platform for students to exhibit their projects but also offered a variety of interactive STEM challenges. Participants completed mission cards for a chance to win a special prize, adding an element of fun and competition to the educational proceedings.

"Our annual STEM Fair is a highlight of the year at KLA Schools, embodying our commitment to fostering a love for learning and exploration in our students," said Carrie Hemmer, Director of Admissions at KLA Schools. "We are incredibly proud of the hard work and innovation our students displayed, and we're grateful for the support of our families and the dedication of our educators. This event is a testament to the power of hands-on learning and the boundless curiosity of children."

KLA Schools remains dedicated to providing high-quality, experiential learning opportunities that encourage children to explore STEM fields. By integrating these subjects into everyday learning, we aim to equip our students with the skills and curiosity necessary to become the innovators and problem-solvers of tomorrow.

For more information about KLA Schools and our STEM education initiatives, please visit www.klaschools.com/naperville-plainfield.

KLA Schools of Naperville, Naperville West, and Plainfield are currently enrolling for the 2024-25 Academic Year and offer personalized weekly tours and in-person Saturday visits by appointment. For more information, please visit our website by clicking here or contact Carrie Hemmer, Admissions Director, at admissions@klaschoolsnp.com.

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